A Short Story

A Short Story

There was this guy called Nicodemus. He was short like a mouse. You know that guy that was so short that he couldn’t reach the shutters? Nicodemus was shorter!

One day, armed robbers came and shot him, he almost died. He was an inch short of death when he was shot.

Nicodemus had a short attention span. He couldn’t pay attention. He couldn’t even pay anything because he was always short of money. 

Alas, he also had a short temper. He was always angry because he was short. In trousers, he was short. In shorts, he was short. In short, he was short.

Nicodemus died young. He was shot at close range. His life was cut short by a bullet that travelled over a short distance. Well, to cut this story short, Nicodemus lived a very short life.


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