A Stranger’s Heart

A Stranger’s Heart

I was alone and scared,
Not sure of my next step.
It was a new place to me,
I didn't know anyone, or anywhere.


I was lost, shy and timid.
I didn't know who to ask for directions.

People laughed and mocked me.
Scorning the very ground I walked on.


I miss my old place,
I had a voice then, and a face.


But then I thought to myself,
What makes here different?
The people here are as human as the ones there,
And I’m as much a stranger as I was once, back there.


I decided to break the chain,
Ease the negativity off of me.
There was this girl I'd seen,

She was as disconnected as I.


“Hi”, I beckon

“Can we be friends?”
She sprang up in excitement.

And all our sadness were gone


So, I wallow in my thoughts
You would probably never know

How much “Hi” can mean to someone;
How much of their sorrow it can annul.


As we bonded and walked side by side,
I felt invincible!
Judging from the gleams on her eyes,
She felt the same way too.


So, we chorused in silence,
Dear world, I found a friend!!!


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Source: Okolo Dumebi

 Photo Credit:  Anwesananda blog