About cafricans.com

About cafricans.com

Why Capture African Stories?

“Capture African Stories” was found on the belief that every genuine story is a “moon” and our society is the “sun”. The same way the moon reflects from the sun to guide us through darkness; that is how stories reflect lessons from the society to illuminate our paths in life. Your own simple story today could be the key to easing someone else complicated life. And someone somewhere has lived through the story of your aspirations.

At cafricans.com, we work towards connecting people of different classes, locations and generations by covering and sharing – hidden, diverse and unique – African stories.


Our Mission

“Capture African Stories” aim to broaden readers’ perspectives with array of unique stories which connect and spur the ingenuity of great minds using the powerful tools of  art.


Set Goals

  • To share varieties of African stories - nonfiction, fiction, and folktales - with the aid of vivid imagery.
  • To fuse historic and contemporary events in the bid to build a rich archive of history to cater for the curiosity of future generations and thus enrich their existence.
  • To cover wide range of untold Africa stories and honor the handiwork of unsung heroes of the people.
  • To serve as a connecting link for people who share similar stories and dreams to drink from each other’s cup of wisdom and be guided.
  • To paint the true picture of Africa’s beauty from our diverse perspectives via display of distinct ideas.
  • To take readers on a ride into the exciting world of thrilling adventures of different human classes and kinds.
  • To promote originality and creativity among young Africans, by offering practical opportunities to hone their mastery.



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