Adventure of a wanderer

Adventure of a wanderer

I was dragged along with a rope to my neck. I struggled to cut loose as my cold feet brushed painfully against the gravel. But the worse pain was coming from within; my trust had been broken and heart, shattered. Where is my own master dragging me to? The same woman I slept on her corridor since I was born and always ran to her call. I respected her enough to endure the cold outside while she slept inside with her family.

Once upon a time, I had two brothers, but they had disappeared over time. I heard tormenting rumors about their demise, but I didn’t believed them. I was sober for days after they were gone. Their throats were said to have been slit and body set ablaze on the same day. I know they were both troublesome, but that was cruel. Anyway, I never believed those rumors, because I trusted my master. My Mama said then, that I would live long because I am a lady, soon after she too had vanished without trace.

As I was dragged along, I saw Ope, the one I have always admired; he looked so cute with his beard. He was a wanderer like me, but never went around causing trouble like the rest of us do. Ope always stayed home, even when his master was not around. He had arrived some months back but no one knew his story, because he doesn’t talk much. Ope jumped up when he saw me in ropes; the usual smile on his face faded away swiftly.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. Tell everyone I’ll soon be back” I shouted to him. His gaze was fixed on me, as I could see fear written all over him.

We soon left our street and we set out on a long walk. My master stopped at intervals to chat with friends, who didn’t seemed concerned about my status at all. Cruel! We eventually arrived at our destination. It’s a chatter house, I have heard stories about this place before; it’s where wanderers are normally sold off. Am I about to be sold? I began kicking and fighting to cut loose, but my master gave me an angry kick which diminished my zeal to escape.

After chatting with few people, we settled for a stern looking man; I wasn’t consulted though. The man reached into his robes and handed some colorful leaves to my master, and took possession of me. A moment later, I was led away by my new owner. I looked back, but my old master began walking away. That day, I lost faith in her; I lost faith in humanity. I cried out but she never looked back.

Anyway, we got to my new house and I was held in a cage for days. I asked some wanders strolling past, where I was, but they just hissed. In my street we were always nice to strangers. To crown my nightmare, I was served food on the bare floor. This has never happened in my former home, food was always served to me in a large bowl.

My wishes eventually came alive on my 6th day in the cage. My master’s son came to feed me and forgot to lock the cage. I jumped out and ran as fast I could. I had nowhere to go, so I settled for an abandoned building very far away. I met a lot of homeless wanderers there who accepted me into their midst. I rested and even slept peacefully that night. The next day, they all listened keenly as I told them my own story. I found family, home and friends among them, we went out to hunt for food during the day, and tell stories at night.

Our life isn’t easy, but I am happy here. I miss my old life though; I miss my Mama, my brothers, I miss Ope very much. I now live freely because I have no owner.

©Zasi (2017)