Aiming for the Summit

Aiming for the Summit

Aiming for the Summit is the second book in the Living in the Shade series. It tells the story of the Ivory Stars, Tanzania’s first ever all-girls football team. What makes this team even more unique is that they are also girls with albinism. This thrilling adventure story follows Tatu, the team leader, and her teammates on a quest to reach the summit of the highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. They are determined to show the world that they won’t be held back and prove to themselves that they are extraordinarily capable.

On June 13, 2016, Nadia attended an event for International Albinism Day. This event opened her eyes to the stigma that people with albinism live with, coupled with the day-to-day challenges they face. Most crucially and most shocking is that they have to guard themselves from being kidnapped and murdered to satisfy superstitious beliefs. Nahida saw many people involved in raising awareness for people with albinism and they inspired her to do her part through storytelling.


African Young Adult Literature Winner 2016

Publisher:  Mkuki na Nyota Publishers

Pages:  141

Category Fiction

Ages:  8-12


ISBN:  978-9987-753-87-1


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