Barrister Hafsat Suleiman

Barrister Hafsat Suleiman

Against all odds, Hafsat made it to her lifetime dream.

There was literally nothing one didn’t see in the course of five years law studies, particularly in Ahmadu Bello University (speaking of what I know). But there was nothing that never ceases to amaze me throughout that period as much as the remarkable academic successes of this brilliant, hardworking and ever determined young lady.

Hafsat is challenged. She is visually impaired to cut long story short. She doesn’t see with her eyes 👀 as most of us. She only reads using her uniquely transcribed materials. That’s how she studies anything, no matter how bulky or complex. Law, on the other hand is tough. Long essays of tedious corpus embodying complex doctrines and precepts that are backed by statutes and precedents which are necessarily read over and over. Most times people simply cram everything in order to move on and meet up with exams syllabus. Upon all this hugely demanding task, the system is horribly unfair and unfriendly. Every one is a witness to how terribly designed is our educational system in Nigeria, that even those with their sights intact, find it very difficult to cope with.

Against all this, Hafsat would always make it at the end of each semester. She defied all odds, crossed all hurdles to graduate 🎓 with us and with a proud result that everyone could’ve. She proceeded to Nigeria Law School (NLS) and evidence of her success yet again, she is today called to the Bar. Hafsat is now a lawyer, “a lifetime dream”, she once told me.

Barr Hafsat has a very retentive memory. When you read to Hafsat’s hearing, have no doubts, she would regurgitate it and even get a better marks in the exams. She kept proving her doubters wrong until our graduation. I used to be one of those having serious concerns over her vulnerability not to be exploited by the environment. I tried to be over protective, out of empathy. I must admit, I was wrong. And Hafsat proved me and similar others, exactly that.

Oh Allah, I invoke You to continue to shower your blessings on all her endeavors. Make her see the fruition of her hardwork soonest.

Congratulations Sister!

Written by Shettima DanAzumi

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