Beauty Martins (CEO of Beauberry Creations)

Beauty Martins (CEO of Beauberry Creations)

Behold Tyreniture!

Written by Emeka Nobis


It's not so much about the works for me, but about the person of Beauty Martins.

How can a very pretty young lady like this comb the dirty dumpsites for old tyres and turn them into masterpieces for the home? It's not the usual story we hear.

This young and adorable lady has put her hands to great use, churning out art from waste.

She's the CEO of Beauberry Creations. Converting waste to wealth is one of the offshoots of the company.

By using old tyres, she produced beautiful household furniture that can be used as centerpieces and for storing books, newspapers, and small household items.

Talk about having eco-friendly appeal and reducing waste in our environment and you're not far from the truth.

If you're stickler for keeping your office and home space tidy, with a touch of class, you've got to consider tyreniture.


Orders are being made now.

To order, please call or WhatsApp 07069742900 or 08151081936.

Her company is also open to receiving investments from investors to build the company into a bigger one. You can also do so.

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WHATSAPP or call BeauberryCreations @ 07069742900 OR 08151081936

Source: Emeka Nobis