Broken Arrows: Jane’s story

Broken Arrows: Jane’s story

Jane sat down at the back row. Gbenga was getting married. She had to attend. She watched the exchange of vows. Then placing of the rings. Gbenga was married. He looked very good in the white suit. His wife looked dashing. She looked familiar. She must have seen her before. She racked her brain for where? The answer did not come.

The officiating Minister asked for offering. She got up and danced towards the alter. Gbenga saw her. His face went ashen. She hugged the bride and told her congratulations.

That move had ruined the day for Gbenga. His dance became robotic. He had seen Jane. He would reach out to her.

Jane recalled the past. The promises he had made to her. She left the wedding. No reception for her. She went straight to Baba. Vengeance was on her mind. She got there. Baba asked her if she had reconsidered her request. Was she going to proceed?

Her heart cut. She recalled the days Gbenga had been kind to her. She had lost her virginity to him. On a classroom locker in the LEA primary school. She was barely 18 then. She recalled when she used her savings from her shop to pay for his project. The many times she had sacrificed to ensure he had money for upkeep in school. Her friends telling her that men were all bastards. That he would not marry her since she did not go beyond JSS3.

She had confronted him. “they said you will leave me, that you will find one that is educated, if you plan to do that, tell me now. So I can move on with my life”.

He swore an oath to her. She was his heartbeat. His angel. His shadow. His love. His reason for living. He drew her near and kissed her. The lovemaking afterwards left a glow in her.

He had gone to serve. She went to visit him. He seemed not proud to have her around him. He would not take her out to visit his friends. When they walked he did not hug her like he used to. There was a wall.

She had left with mixed feelings afterwards. She asked him again, “should I move on?” He had told her he was sorry. “I still love you”

The way he had dumped her brought resolve to her mind. He was not merciful to her. She felt used. She wanted her pound of flesh.

“Baba go ahead, I want to seek my revenge”

Baba felt sad. She had established a case if her statements were true. The darkness would stamp her wish. His wife would be barren. His pathway to be distorted. His inability to keep to an oath, was to ruin his future.

Gbenga also has a story.


Source: Ademola H Adigun

Photo credit: InaAntO (DeviantArt)