Fearless Seed

Fearless Seed

“Patrick came to my office to discuss an idea he has been incubating for many months. He has a dream to own one of the biggest mobile nursing services that will provide home-service for different customers of different segmentation. When I asked him what day he has decided to start, he says ”Coach, you know Naija now, my target customers do not think I am up to their class and as such would not patronise me.” I asked Patrick “what will it take to grow to the class that will attract the class you are pursuing?” Patrick was rattled by that question. He had never given it a thought.

Society places on us burdens that there are some people we do not ‘deserve’ to serve because of economic, financial or ethical differences… At best; this is a figment of our imagination.

There is no human being who does not locate what he needs wherever it is found.

If your fear is the assumption that you will not be attractive to a customer, the customer is not at fault. If your fear is that you will not satisfy social stratum, society is not at fault. You must take the opportunity by growing your capacity to take the opportunity. Preparation precedes opportunity”

– excerpt from Chapter 4 ‘Social Norms that limit you’ of #FearlessSeed


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