Humans of Nigeria (Tribute to an African Hero!)

Humans of Nigeria (Tribute to an African Hero!)

Every morning 6 children of an Hausa guard keeping watch over a mansion under construction opposite his residence will look through the gate to wave hands to his two kids. His kids are among the privileged children living in the highbrow estate being chauffeured to school.

The reality of two worlds confronts the children of the Maiguard daily as they wave hands to their privileged peers who are chauffeured to school every day. The world of privilege and that of poverty; for the 6 Hausa kids, they see and smell wealth everyday within the highbrow estate where their father is a Maiguard but their material condition remain same. Sure it would run through their impressionable minds why they see wealth around and they can’t partake like the other two privileged kids.

On a fateful day, the father of the privileged kids saw the poor Maiguard kids waving hands to his children on their way to school through his bedroom window. He could see the burning desire from their eyes to be in school too. The father also said to himself that the security of his children and other privileged children in Nigeria is not guaranteed in future as long as there are millions of children who can’t go to school because of the economic status of their parents. He decided to act. He called his wife and shared his plan. His wife agreed.

Wife went to meet Maiguard's wife and asked her if she would want her children to go to school. The prospect of school for her 6 kids got the Maiguard's wife very excited. But the snag, she said she and her husband can’t afford to pay.

Satisfied that education is not a haram for the poor Maiguard's children the privileged family decided to put the 6 kids in school. Not just any school. Same school their own two kids attend. Every morning the Maiguard's children enter same Toyota Siena with the two privileged kids with a driver to take them to and from school.

Every morning the Maiguard's wife now does the hand waving to the kids.

Abiodun Atobatele is indeed a human being.


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