Hypnotism, Manipulation and Religion

Hypnotism, Manipulation and Religion

There is a story reported in Punch of a "pastor" that runs a sex camp. He had asked many of his adherents to drop out of school. He claimed they did not need education. All they needed according to him was the Holy Spirit. Many of the females in his camp have been sexually abused, by him.

Teenage years are difficult. It is a very confusing time in the lives of many. Teenagers are prone to manipulation. I have, at a time, been part of a "church" where I saw mind manipulation at very high levels. Many did not complete their studies to go and serve the church. Several things that do not meet rationality occur there. Some are smart to take the good and drop the bad or deceitful. Many were not. Their lives took crazy dips and some are yet to still find direction. That church targets a certain kind of demographics.

Charismatic leaders have powers. There are many Charles Mason in religious bodies across the world. Many would kill for their daddies in the lord, Imams or those that pray for them to keep them "safe". I once walked out of service in a popular church in Abuja, when the lead pastor started on a path of heresy. I could not stomach it. I have learnt to guard my heart through guarding my ears.

You are product of what you hear or read repeatedly. If you are bombarded with messages that depict religion in a certain way, you will believe it. When a messenger tells you to see him/her as "god" on earth, tells you, that your salvation is linked to his/her church, movement, your prosperity, wellbeing and when you start to lose the ability to take simple decisions without consulting that "messenger", you are under the "spirit" of hypnotism, manipulation and lost!

When you rile up, when whomever you is leading you in religion is challenged, take to defending all they say, quote the person more times in a sentence and can't decipher that we all are fallible, you have been hypnotized. You are a potential murderer.

Guard your heart by guarding your mind, by using your brain!

"Ditch" their books and read the Bible or the Koran. Interpretation is dangerous; all books are written with a purpose in mind! As Olajide Abiola wrote, self-learning is the best!


Written by Ademola H Adigun

Photo credit: pixabay.com