I Write What I Like: Selected Writings

I Write What I Like: Selected Writings

‘I Write What I Like’ reflects Steve Biko's conviction that black people in South Africa could not be liberated until they united to break their chains of servitude, a key tenet of the Black Consciousness Movement that he helped found.

The collection was edited by Aelred Stubbs. The book includes a preface by Archbishop Desmond Tutu; an introduction by Malusi and Thoko Mpumlwana, who were both involved with Biko in the Black Consciousness Movement; a memoir of Biko by Father Aelred Stubbs, his longtime pastor and friend; and a new foreword by Professor Lewis Gordon.

Biko's writings will inspire and educate anyone concerned with issues of racism, postcolonialism, and Black Nationalism.


Title: I Write What I Like: Selected Writings

Pub. Date: 09/28/2002

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN-10: 0226048977

ISBN-13: 9780226048970


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