Imagine a green mind

Imagine a green mind

When we were done with devotion this morning, TY Bello’s ‘The Land is Green’ kept playing in my head and it felt so refreshing…

‘Green’ is a function of freshness: this means that an existing structure, an existing idea, an existing relationship, an existing prospect can be renewed again. There is nothing that cannot be renewed, irrespective of how stale it may look. Have you lost steam in a passion, purpose or goal? You probably want to look at it again and renew the possibilities within.‪#Refresh

‘Green’ is also a function of growth: the evidence of blossom is expansion and new dimensions. Every living entity develops extra size and branches to prove being alive. It is natural to become frustrated when what you are doing is not growing. It is demotivating in all ramifications. This morning, I am committed to call a spade, a spade… what is it about my life, work and existence that has stopped growing? What do I want to do about it?

Growth is critical. Refreshing is essential. Do what you can to attain these. God’s wisdom will show you how to.

 m a k t u b!!!



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