Irin Ajo

Irin Ajo

Irin Ajo is a strategy game with an African narrative that is played with a customized die. The game board is set on six (6) locations which signify the six (6) geo-political zones in Nigeria. The game revolves around the various means of transportation that connect each of these locations. Players roll the die to determine the available means of transportation; they then decide which route best suits their journey.


Basically, players cannot go against the direction of the road in a location until it has become a “known zone”. A location becomes a “known zone” to players once they have successfully placed their token on home location. Some of the locations stretch over the desert, some over water spaces, and others over mountains.


Players have to travel round all the five other locations and then place their token on the HOME LOCATIONS to successfully win the game.



Number of players: six (6) players

Content in the box: One game board, 40 multicolored playing tokens for six players, and one customized Dice

Designer: Kenechukwu Ogbuagu (KC)

Published and manufatured by: NIBCARD Nig Ltd


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KC: Ogbuagu KC