Last Breath (e02)

Last Breath (e02)

That was definitely not her intention! But Mama won’t see it that way. Mariah herself wouldn’t have seen it that way. It was one of those days when Mariah adopted opposition to Mama’s resolve as a tool to squeeze herself some gains. She couldn’t possibly overturn Mama’s decision, but she could earn some consolation prices if she resisted hard enough.

It was at the heat of the argument that Mama’s mug slipped from Mariah’s grip. “Yeeeh!” she cried in shock as the mug shattered on the floor. The timing and her mood both testified that Mariah smashed it on purpose. Ceramic mugs were supposed to make that cracking sounds when they hit the floor, but Mariah felt like she heard a resounding bang. She stood still; speeches trapped within the circle of the moment, and unable to cast her thoughts in any specific direction.

This wasn’t the end Mariah had envisaged when she started arguing with Mama. She tried to picture the contents of Mama’s mind at the moment, but the crunchy sound of the cushion chair suddenly filled her ears. Mama was already on her feet and Mariah could hear her footsteps pounding closer in haste. Little Mariah remained frozen, as she awaited Mama’s mighty palm to ram into any unfortunate spot on her body.

Boom! In came the loud bang.

Perhaps the severity of Mama’s slap was playing with Mariah’s senses, because she didn’t feel anything. Not the slap, and certainly not the pain.

Boom! Boom! Two more loud bangs came in rapidly. And soon after Mariah began to regain her senses. Finally, she realized that the loud bangs were gunshots from across their street. Mama had already grabbed Mariah by the waist, lifted her up, and was racing to the bedroom.

Even as they both coiled inside the closet while Mama stammered on the phone with the police, Mariah’s reality remained entangled in the moment of the broken mug.

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