Last Breath (e01 - Warrior Princess)

Last Breath (e01 - Warrior Princess)

Preye felt the sharp bolt dug through her flesh in a flash. She was gripped by dizziness; her head ached wildly, while her ears echoed to the pain. Her views were tainted in red, as if the whole world was drowning in a pool of blood. She staggered backward, crashed unto her left knee and the braided shield fell off her grip. Preye stood her sword on its tip to support part of her weight to the right. Warm wave of blood race down her left arm – she could barely move the wounded shoulder.

Even with the unbearable pain poaching on her deeply, Preye didn’t moan or scream.

How could she?

She is the iron princess; the whip of the gods; the endless tornado; the raging firestorm; the mighty oak of Obia; and the fearless cat. Each of these titles comes with extraordinary expectations which Preye has to always live up to.

She took several deep breaths to regain her senses. Images of death invaded her thoughts; vivid flashes of her headless body devoured of glory, honor and respect. Preye knew she cannot fall today, not in the hand of these savages.

“Fight”! “Survive”! A cracking voice thundered into her ears. It was her father’s in his usual angry tone.

She tightened her grip around the sword, but remained on her knee. Though, her left arm was in serious pain, she was nowhere near vanquished. However, the three assailants circling around her thought differently.

She sat still like a statue on her knee, with no sign of life. The men grumbled at the lifeless bodies of their fellow pirates before rallying their final moves. There were series of swift moves which tore through the air, hailed by prolonged sound of cracking metals and few moments later, the tension had faded and the ground went quite.

It was finally over.

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Picture Credit: Chanelle Botha