Letter to God

Letter to God

Dear God,

I am happy that you find me worthy of going to heaven. I know my heaven is not the same heaven sister Rebecca is going to. She is an adulterer. She has divorced and remarried. I also know that Sister Jane will not be there. She is always painting her lips and using weave on. When the church asked us to undertake the 100 day fast, she only did 29 days. Surely we deserve different heavens.

God, please recall that I was a virgin and I think still a virgin. God, I am not sure on that one. The day brother Christoper took me to house for bible study and we did that thing, I am not sure if that was sex. But please punish brother Christoper for tempting me by pressing my breast. I know it felt good. I have fasted 200 days after that. I have not allowed a man after that. It is not sin if I dream of Pastor Brown at night.

I know you will not put me in the same heaven as Sister Mero. That sister is a witch and a gossip. She was one that told the church that senior pastor was sleeping with Sister Monica. She has touched your anointed. We do not know who the pregnancy of Sister Monica is for.

God recall that I only lie occasionally and you know that it is for salvation sakes. The day I had leg pain and pastor laid his hands on me, I testified I was healed. I know I still felt the pain and had to see a doctor for injections but I testified for your glory. It was faith. Or is that a lie.

God I know my heaven will have AC and you will put fan in that of Brother Hope. That brother I have heard is sleeping with choir leader. I do not want to be in the same heaven with him.

God you know I do not joke with my tithes. I paid it even when mama needed operation money and I could not contribute. I did not rob you. I am not like sister Shade that only pays when she feels like. Our heaven will be different I know.

God thank you for listening to my prayer. Bless me more than others in Church so they can know I serve you more than them.

Your loving daughter.

PS: I became born again when I was 8. Sister Caro only gave her life at age 35 after she had sinned. Our heaven must be different!!!