Madam Victoria A. Samson

Madam Victoria A. Samson

This is the woman behind the smile of average Nigerians who couldn't afford the over bloated fuel price, during the Christmas period.

All Bovas filling stations sell at N143 per litre across Nigeria. (Still less than the official N145 maximum fixed by government)

The Managing director, Madam Victoria A. Samson has been proving severely for years and of course still proving that indeed Nigeria still has some God fearing people who are not dubious, egocentric, greedy, and money drunk.

This woman believes everything in this life we live will end here. He believes there's somewhere after here.

She is a virtuous woman, friend of the masses, friend of the downtrodden, and friend of the poorest of the poor; a woman who differentiated herself distinctively by her doings, attitude and composure.

Despite several victimizations from her colleagues in the industry, this woman has always remained herself. It's not new. She has been known laidat for years.

These are the sort of people we ought to be celebrating. Not those thieves who don’t care about anything other than their pockets.

Ma’am May the Almighty God of which I serve day and Night continue to keep you from all evil mechanization of wicked people.


Written by @Mosope 2017

Source: Ngozi Egbuciem


 “BOVAS PETROLEUM LTD Stands for Integrity. Come scarcity of any colours, they sell at N145 per litre without hoarding! Let's all appreciate these good Nigerians”  –LANRE YUSUF. Also commented