My Very Own

My Very Own

All I see is a smile and hopeful eyes

Don't you ever get tired?

I see tears rolling down every time

Don't you ever get tired?


Falling down with me with reassurance

Don't you ever get tired?

Through thick and thin, you never left

Don't you ever get tired?


I can't tell if you love me more than I do

But don’t you ever felt tired

Dragging me along with my weakness

I know, but aren’t you tired


I flee when my body shivers in fear

I weep when the pain gets unbearable

Roar the lioness out and tell me you hate me

Yes, hate me for staying back in the mud


I will understand!


I know rising up doesn't impress you

Getting back up after a fall is what you adore

I also want to stand up for you

I want to show you that I will always be there.


And I surely will

Because you love me, and I love you as much






Photo Credit: Getty Images