Our Content Developing Services

Our Content Developing Services

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CAS writers’ community is a league of talented literary artists whose mastery spread across the various branches of creative writing. Our community comprises of published authors, professional editors, aspiring writers and everyone with the capacity to add values and clarity to our archive of African stories. We are also in partnership with various training, writing and publishing firms with shared aim of promoting storytelling culture in Africa.

Our focus spreads across the various fields of creative writing – articles, blog contents, movie scripts, poems, quotes, essays, reports, speeches, novels, novellas, short stories, memoirs and biographies.

We encourage you to seamlessly resolve your literary hurdles by engaging our services and we assure you of exquisite delivery at a plausible costing rate.

You can reach us by mail via reach@cafricans.com or message us on WhatsApp @ 08076154305 for enquiries.