Our Great Mighty King

Our Great Mighty King

Ah the King, our great mighty king. What a man!!!!

After stragglers had kidnapped us, we looked to be free from bondage. We sat down and decided it was time to have a king in the land. We wanted a bold one. Fearless like a lion. One that was not beholden to anybody. One that would liberate us from bondage of capture.

We sought hard and we could not find. But we wished a King in a place that was never a kingdom. How do you have a king without a kingdom? Yet we cried for one.

One day a lone man came into our place. He said he came from far away. A place of rest he called it. We kept him far away from us as is our tradition. To observe him. He sat there daily. He washed, ate and sat meekly. Then we asked him to come to the courtyard. He sat amongst us. We asked questions from him. He was honest. He told us what he knew. He shared his stories with us.

We said to ourselves; let us make him a king. The elders called us to be wise. They said, “you know not where he comes from, have patience children, search wider”. We ignored their voices. The stragglers had dealt with us. We wanted a king.

The coronation came. We jubilated. We sang. A king had come. Maybe we would now be a kingdom. Maybe we would become a force.

It did not happen. Our king had his friends behind the wall. They came in gently. Creeping in stealthily. Then we were surrounded. Our elders were rounded up. Our children made slaves. Our youths turned into beggars.

We cried again for liberation. We had been captured. We did not listen to the elders. We did not check behind the wall. There were spirits lurking there.