Out (box) Encounter

Out (box) Encounter

So I got fed up with his trash talks on Facebook and traced him right to his house. He was there, on a bench outside his father's house, shirtless, with a worn out short, black pants. I don't think he recognised me because when he looked up and saw me approaching, he almost immediately went back to fiddling with his phone.

I got nearer and stood over him. That was when he looked up. Oh boy, I've never felt so proud of my 6ft+ height and intimidating biceps (please disagree with your mirror). I could see, with a little encouragement, he would pee in his pants. So, I set to work on him.

I introduced myself with three quick light taps (by my measurement that is) on the back of his small head. In shock, he made to stand up but I shoved his disrespectful ass back to the rickety bench.

“My name is Ukay Umar, we chatted on Facebook a while ago” I said.

“Oh, bross...” he fumbled for words but they failed him for some seconds.

“I am bross now? Huh? What has changed? Didn't you just call me 'piece of shit!'?”

He gasped, his eyes turning red out of trepidation. “Say something!” I snarled.

“Bross, abeg sorry. I didn't mean...”

I cut him short with a finger to his lips. “You are talking soft now man. Don't be scared, talk tough. Just as you typed tough in my inbox.”

I ended with a smile. That surprisingly shocked him. I watched him regain his sense of calmness.

“Bross, abeg no vex. I was just having fun. But I've learnt how not to run my mouth anyhow now.”

We ended up becoming buddies.


Source: U.k. Umar