Working in one of the country's top gas industries left little time for anything, especially romantic relationships, which Sarah so deeply craved. With the mind to quit her job anytime soon, she went out "man hunting." She was determined that seeing the right guy would make her give her job up immediately. With this, the search for the right man began.

It wasn't after about two months of devoting her time to search for men online did she meet Lawrence! She was captivated by him from start. He was everything, both physically and otherwise. Sarah’s all bit asked him to marry her on their first chat. Lawrence on the other hand wasn't particularly interested in Sarah. Not for any real reason though but because Sarah seemed to want the commitment he couldn't give. It wasn't till after two weeks of chatting that Lawrence decided to go on a date with Sarah at her place.
Sarah was overjoyed to say the least.

That day she took a very early break from work feigning sickness and a forged doctor's report. Not being much of a domesticated lady, Sarah knew not her way around the kitchen. Howbeit she had lied to Lawrence that she was an excellent cook. She thought, “If things get serious between us, he won't mind that I can't cook. He'd love me anyways”.

Not knowing what to do, Sarah went online in search of a restaurant that cooks great continental dishes. She found one; ordered for enough food, and went about decorating. Lawrence was coming, it had to be big; it had to be worth it. After about two hours of decorating, the food finally came. She had enough time to round up and have a really nice, long shower, because as you know, they were two grown adults that'd soon be together in a house, alone; anything could happen, or so she wished.

The dinner date was slated for 8pm so that as early as 7:30, Sarah was jittery. She tried to calm herself down with some wine, which did little to help.  She eventually got her act together and sat patiently at the table, waiting for that doorbell to chime.  And wait she did! For the next three hours!! She didn't noticed this immediately, of course because she busied herself with thoughts of what would happen that night; the several steamy fun that could to go down.

It was around 11pm when her phone beeped. It was a text from Lawrence. In very brief sentence, he told her. “Sorry. I couldn't make it. My girlfriend's pet hamster needed company.”

For some minutes Sarah couldn't move. Her limbs failed her. “Girlfriend”! She exclaimed with her heart beating so fast.

“And to think I spent all that money on flower scented body baths just to smell good for him” she screamed to no one in particular, mourning how much time she had spent having a bath.

“Oh well, at least I have enough food to last the weekend” she sighed, still a little shocked.

Just then, Bunjou, her dog ran into the dining, all too excited to be with his master. He followed Sarah to her room where she changed into her sleeping dress.

“Hey Bunjou, wanna eat some food”? She asked her dog stroking his ear as they both headed back to the dining room.

She served herself and Bunjou, and they both sat down to enjoy the meal. Sarah was still in shock and hadn't much appetite for food anyways, much to Bunjou's delight. After feasting on everything in his end of the table, he jumped on the table and stared at Sarah with those needy, cute eyes of his.

“At least you’ll never leave me” she sighed as she fed Bunjou with the spoonful of food she had been playing with for minutes.