PreCA Series Present Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili of the ACPN

PreCA Series Present Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili of the ACPN

PreCA (Presidential Candidates Analysis) Series Present Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili of the ACPN.

Ezekwesili’s presidency holds prospects of critical institutional reforms and free market economic policies. She had demonstrated commendable capacity in pursuing national reforms during her time in the public sector; this along with her experiences with activism and macro-financial policies have equipped her with very good capacity to enact the aggressive economic policies she is proposing.

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Dr Oby commands good recognition across the country from her public service and activism days. Her presidency (like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia) will perhaps be the most celebrated globally due to her experiences, and will inspire some hope among young people who are familiar with her continuous struggle for accountability against successive governments. Ezekwesili is definitely not a candidate that is favored by the nation’s elite class, but she enjoys very good support from the working class, and poor recognition from the lower class who normally struggle to understand her campaigns.


In the past decades, Ezekwesili has continuously displayed unwavering commitment to national development, and has led several campaigns to demand accountability in public offices. She believed that the excesses of public officials could be curtails by reducing active government's participation in economic activities. Dr Oby’s economic agenda focus more on human development and national reforms to create the proper environment for investors to drive a free market economy.  


Ezekwesili has acquired good experiences in public offices. However, her running mate, Mr Galadima could really benefit from her sound understanding of the workings of the nation’s systems. Looking at her antecedents, she possesses considerable capacity to organize her cabinet as well as effect reforms and ensure proper communications of her polices. Dr Oby, due to her personality, will struggle with getting her reforms through the legislative arm and her inability to mobilize huge local support could further weaken her executive powers. She will however relate freely with the international community who will support her capitalist-inclined economic policies, but may struggle to secure local supports among the Nigerian populace for the same reason.


In general, Ezekwesili is likely to record improvement in human development, system reforms, urban growth and tackling corruption in public offices. The new economy she she is proposing will be majorly driven by free market principles, which to some extent, will limit the growth of local manufacturing industries and confine infrastructure developments to only economically viable areas. The nation’s excessive borrowing culture will have to be upheld in order to obtain the required resources needed to pursue her massive education and development agenda. She will also struggle to organize the nation’s security forces into a formidable ally, and this could threaten national peace and stability.


These analyses and projections were done by considering the available data, and do not explicitly present all the facts about Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. We will however welcome responses and contributions from readers, all of which will enhance the accuracy of the PreCA series.

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