PreCA Series Present Professor Kingsley Moghalu of the YPP.

PreCA Series Present Professor Kingsley Moghalu of the YPP.

PreCA (Presidential Candidates Analysis) Series Present Professor Kingsley Moghalu of the YPP.

Kingsley Moghalu’s candidacy represent economic transformation. His years of experiences in the local financial sector as well as international development accord him considerable understanding of national economic management and excellent knowledge of financial sector operations.

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Kingsley has good visibility nationwide, especially in the media. His presidency will receive very good approvals globally as well, due to his international records and political ideology, but will inspire uncertainty among the theming young people most of whom will struggle to understand the prospects of his policies. Kingsley is definitely not the most preferred candidate among the elite class but will enjoy more support from them than many others. His economic ideals are most popular among the working class who knew him, and extremely difficult for the lower class to comprehend.


Kingsley demonstrate impressive passion for the presidency, his messages and records reflect genuine integrity. Overtime, he has shared great vision for the Nigeria economy which tilted more towards the right wing. His ideas are properly outlined theoretically, and focus on ensuring more private sector engagement and free market system, rather than proposing drastic systemic changes.


Kingsley has good experiences in public offices as well as his understanding of operation processes. However, his running mate Getso, though intelligent and have good records in the development sector, she lacks experiences in public service operations. Kingsley will most likely do well with policy making, relating with legislative arm, and setting up of cabinet, as suggested by his experience. Though his capacity to implement local policies outside the financial sector remain uncertain. In addition, Kingsley possess very good communication, persuasion and critical thinking skills which are critical in running a multibranched government. His free market policies will receive exceptional support from the international community but will be fairly unpopular among struggling masses.


The national indicators show that Kingsley’s presidency will struggle with security challenges due to existing volatile situations. Also, economic progress will slightly accelerate under him, with private sectors driving more impacts in urban centres, where infrastructures are concentrated than the less economically viable local areas. Kingsley’s policies will do well with eliminating procedural corruption, but the nation’s huge national debt may have to be increased in order to ensure the success of his economic transformation agenda.

These analyses and projections were done by considering the available data, and do not explicitly present all the facts about Professor Kingsley Moghalu. We will however welcome responses and contributions from readers, all of which will enhance the accuracy of the PreCA.


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