PreCA Series Present Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (GCON) of the PDP.

PreCA Series Present Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (GCON) of the PDP.

PreCA (Presidential Candidates Analysis) Series Present Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the PDP.

Atiku's presidency is centered around job creation to unlock economic potentials. The former Vice President has served severally in various capacity in public offices and presently own many private investments, and can be affirmed to possess the necessary experience needed to deliver on his proposed plan to get Nigeria Working Again.

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After years of successful smear campaign by former president Olusegun Obasanjo, Atiku is well known around the globe, but not for the right reasons. However, his huge local investments in the private sector has earned him wide range of acceptability among sections of the Nigerian populace. The approval of the elites for Atiku is tremendous, same as the patronage he enjoys from the local media. He also commands good followership within the working-class communities, while his support base dwindle among the lower-classes who continued to question the source of his wealth.


Atiku's persistent push for the presidency have been interpreted as passion by his supporters. He has continued to demonstrate strong commitment for privatization of national institutions as a validation of similar efforts he spearheaded while he was Vice President. Although his campaign messages promise rapid economic growth, they don't differ significantly from what his party has always presented in the past elections. Atiku's economic policies prioritized economic progress ahead of the fight against corruption. And he has continued to push a campaign of Getting Nigeria to Work Again, which seek to return the nation back to the era when his party was in power.


Atiku has developed broad understanding of government operations while serving in public offices. His running mate, Peter Obi command essential experiences from serving in the nation’s financial industry, as Anambra State governor, and in various Federal Government committees and agencies. Atiku has demonstrated very good tendencies to manage his cabinet and agencies properly, and his flexibility will allow for stronger relationship with the National Assembly and the press. The concerns however rest on his administration's ability to develop and implement critical policies, since his present political circle still comprises majorly of former officials from the previous PDP administrations. Atiku may not have a good global image, but his proposed free market economy will most likely ensure cordial relationship with the international communities.


The potential Atiku government will leverage on his experiences and connections to maintain national stability. He will most likely focus on human development and implementation of the free market economy, which would attract more investments to the country. However, National Growth driven mainly by the private sector will definitely prioritize developments of economically buoyant urban areas far ahead of the poorer local communities. Also, without firm government regulations, highly profitable ventures which (in most cases) are driven by importation will probably repress the less viable and struggling local industries. All these may result in more wealth generation tainted with challenges of uneven distribution. Generally, a private sector driven economy is press-friendly, it doesn't frown at increased national debts, and will encourage institutionalized corruption as an ingredient to fuel economic growth. The education sector and national security will witness enough reforms to avoid any disruptions or protests from stakeholders, but such meagre reforms won't be significant enough to deliver the requisite performances.



These analyses and projections were done by considering the available data, and do not explicitly present all the facts about Atiku Abubakar. We will however welcome responses and contributions from readers, all of which we believe will enhance the accuracy of the PreCA series.


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