PreCA Series Present Fela Durotoye of the ANN

PreCA Series Present Fela Durotoye of the ANN

PreCA (Presidential Candidates Analysis) Series Present Adetokunbo Olufela Durotoye of the ANN.

Durotoye's presidency present renewed vigor to pursue human development and national value reorientation. His long-time experience on Business development and public speaking equipped him with the capacity to inspire national change but fell short of the necessary experiences needed to organize government apparatuses around his plans to ensure massive human and economic development across the nation.

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Durotoye has overtime through series of leadership trainings and community outreaches, created very good rendition for himself around the nation. His major support-base comes from the middle class who believe in his campaign of strong national leadership and entrenched social values. Durotoye's lack of history in the political space so far remain a very huge obstacle to his national acceptability, even with his continuous effort to invalidate such worries.


Durotoye's believe in achieving the greater Nigeria project remain resolute, as reflected by his actions and speeches. He has presented a strong case for responsible leadership and refined national values as major pillar for national development. The programs proposed by Durotoye seek to improve basic amenities, drive national reorientation processes, collapse governance cost and invest in human development programs. His approach towards national issues tilt more to the right and he believed that strong leadership at all level will ensure effective management of national resources which will foster national development.


Durotoye has overtime develop sound theories about leadership. He has recorded series of successes in both business development and human capacity building, but he lacks essential public service experience. His running mate, Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya with a good record in Child Advocacy and Humanitarian Services, appears to be struggling with practical knowledge of national issues. In term of management capacity and delivery on policies, even if Durotoye has consistently outlined impressive ideas, there are still major concerns about his ability to translate these campaign promises into practical reality. Durotoye possess an excellent communication prowess, but faces challenges with convincing some Nigerians who are more moved by practical results rather than great ideas.


The security management will be challenging for Durotoye mainly due to his idealist approach to issues, and this will affect national stability under his watch. His focus on social welfare for ordinary Nigerians, capacity building and development of national values is expected to yield good results in the nation’s education, access to basic amenities, and human development indices. Durotoye will put in a lot of effort to reduce wastage in public offices, rekindle the education sector, support local enterprises, develop agriculture and strive for better distribution of resources. However, the success of all these efforts are largely hinged on his undefined capacity to organize the nation around his plans and ensure diligent performance from members of his cabinet. Durotoye's persuasive tendency will ensure that he maintain a stable relationship with the international community, even if they won't really approve some of his socialist inclined policies.



These analyses and projections were done by considering the available data, and do not explicitly present all the facts about Fela Durotoye. We will however welcome responses and contributions from readers, all of which we believe will enhance the accuracy of the PreCA series.


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