PreCA Series Present Omoyele Sowore of the AAC

PreCA Series Present Omoyele Sowore of the AAC

PreCA (Presidential Candidates Analysis) Series Present Omoyele Sowore of the AAC.

Sowore's presidency hold prospects for radical system reforms, more social investments and aggressive fight against corruption. He is equipped with experiences as a student unionist, anti-corruption and social activist, as well as an investigative journalist, all of which affirmed to his zeal to pursue radical social change but doesn't represent the necessary experiences required to manage a nation.

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Sowore is quite popular among the African diaspora community and continue to inspire good followership among young people in Nigeria with his firm campaign against social injustices perpetrated by corrupt political elites. His blunt criticism of national institutions and the elites has earned him continuous hostile treatments from the elite-controlled media. Many of his support base is derived from the middle class in Nigeria and abroad, while his low coverage among the lower class meant that his acceptability among them is largely limited.


Sowore has shown consistent commitment in pursuing social justice in Nigeria, through activism and investigative journalism. His nationalist approach to policy making resonate well with his firm stance against corruption and wastage in public offices. Sowore envision a thriving Nigeria where the people utilize their resources in ensuring improved quality of life for everyone. The major focus of his policies includes eliminating corruption from public institutions, power and technological revolution, improving basic amenities, improved welfare for ordinary Nigerians, as well as massive investment in education and youth development. His campaign has emphasized the urgency of taking back the nation's leadership from corrupt political elites.


Sowore with compelling academic records can boast of experiences in media management, union leadership and social activism. His running mate, Dr. Rabiu Ahmed, buttress the AAC ticket with very impressive record in public health and celebrated academic excellence. Sowore has demonstrated very good team leadership potential consistently, but there are still valid doubts in his capacity to manage more the complicated federal government structures. His radical nationalist ideals and aggressive campaign against corrupt institutions will most definitely place him at logjam with the National Assembly and state governments, which will seriously reduce the pace of his policy implementation. A potential Sowore's presidency will enjoy strong support locally and from the Africa continent for his nationalist policies, but may incur disapproval from the global community for the same reason.


Sowore has the tendency to maintain stability during his early days as president. His deliberate efforts towards improving basic amenities for the less privileged Nigerians and promote locally driven economy will ensure significant growth in agriculture and local industrialization, as well as development in rural areas. A potential Sowore's administration will wage aggressive war against corrupt individuals and institutions, as well as kick against the ideas of national debt, using every possible means. However, some of his policies such as allocating meagre resources to the luxurious needs of the elites, nationwide clampdown on corruption, and halting of foreign influences on the local economy, will overtime intensify hostility against his government which would be backed by international community. This sort of development could spread unrest and instability across the nation during the later days of his presidency and put his leadership capacity to ultimate test. Also, under his administration, there are strong indication of radical reforms across various sectors including security and education, which could either yield better performances of these institutions or spark widespread protests from noncooperative stakeholders.



These analyses and projections were done by considering the available data, and do not explicitly present all the facts about Omoyele Sowore. We will however welcome responses and contributions from readers, all of which we believe will enhance the accuracy of the PreCA series.


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