Pride of a uniform

Pride of a uniform

The strength of security agents should be measured by the degree of safety of their citizens and sovereignty; because that is their primary duty. A sight of citizens falling to bullets should come as heartbreak and awakening to our armed forces, instead of them spearheading violent campaigns against unarmed citizens.

Basically, the reasons why their uniforms command national honor is a phenomenon that needs to be well understood by our security agencies. Your citizens don’t respect your uniforms because of the long years you spent in trainings; many have been through worse and the same citizens don’t even care. The pile of good wishes the security agents enjoyed from citizens were never inspired by the fear of the firearms they wield; criminals carry arms too and the same citizens only ever wish them bad.

The respect for the uniform was imbibed in the sacred duty of the armed forces; their bravery; the patriotism they displayed; and the sacrifice made to defend freedom and protect lives. The value for those sacred duties can never be quantified in any form, which is why citizens tremble with respect in the presence of security agents and chant songs of glory to their departure. As citizens, one of our common dreams is to have noble armed forces, guardian angels, which we can look up to and feel safe. Our collective hope is that our police and army can live up to this dream.

In as much as we have commercialized every profession in this nation, the role of armed forces is one we must preserve. Our men and women on uniform need to overcome the incentives and avoid serving as political lapdogs used to terrorize ordinary people. Because, aside the oath that they took to protect and defend our freedom, they are still one of us whenever they shed away their police or army regalia.

We have nowhere else to run to as citizens, if our protectors share themselves behind political monsters to terrorize us. Every life deserves their protection, and even in the case of riots and civil unrest, there are mechanisms put in place to restore normalcy. Security agents are neither judges nor juries; their job is not to pass sentences on offenders or perceived criminals.

Shooting randomly in the street is wrong; opening fire on protesters is wrong; bullying innocent people is wrong; executing suspected criminals without judgement is wrong; torturing and parading untried suspects is wrong.

These points need to be drilled into the beliefs of every armed force trainee; the safety of all citizens should always be their primary duty. There is no honor in bullying and oppressing the same citizens they had sworn to protect. This is why emotional stability and upright mentality should be very important in the evaluation of our armed forces trainees, before they are saddled with the heavy burden of defending us.

We need our noble protectors to be compassionate towards the citizens, and ruthless to external threats