Right way to go

Right way to go

What is wrong, is wrong
I hope we all sing the song
Tag a friend, tag a foe
Let our little voice grow

Shine the way as you lead
Grow the culture, plant a seed
Show an adult, teach a kid
Be a legend of your deed

As you race down the street
Say to everyone you meet
Do not lie, never cheat
Make no gain, off deceit

What is wrong, is wrong
I wish we all chant along
Free the cats from the bag
Fly the truth, wave the flag

As you aim for the peak
Be the light that you seek
Stay true to your code
Be the man of your word

Call out to courage
Get your voice on the page
Put your greed in cage
Work for all what you wage

Join your hands, beat the gong
What is wrong, must be wrong
Even though it’s a norm
Sweep it off, like a storm

Let’s break this chain
Without pain, no gain
Let’s strive not in vain
Sun comes after rain

Make a stand for the right
Draw your breath for a fight
Power down all your light
It’s going to be a long night

©sir kb (2017)