Road to Mars (Dedicated to North East Nigeria)

Road to Mars (Dedicated to North East Nigeria)

An echoing wail in the middle of the night

Ferried by flying veils of a dejected plight


Many lay asleep wearing regalia of blood

Vile souls rain horrors in the name of god

Oh! Our miserable cry for saviors

Drowned in hearts of vicious warriors


Demons cheer furiously over agonizing pain

Wiring surges of fear deep into societal plane

Animosity, hate; painted over every heart

Evils wade openly in thick rack of the dark


But why!

Terror now wields their mindset

Oh! why?

See death roasting by our doorstep

Tell me, why?

Our home morphed into cemetery

Why na?

All those bloods that are sharing



We hoped, wished and cried ourselves into penury

Then set sail for liberation but awaken to a phony

Yet the world breathe abounding peace to our agony

What a world? Civilized but cruel; peopled, yet lonely


Whispers awash of a noble shore

Wherein peace is a virtue

An alien land, untainted by war

Wherein riffles are idle

A valley of mountains

Where deserts are rich in grass

Our chance of salvation,

is an arduous journey to mars


©sir kb (2017)