Held in shackles and carted off,
 Exists in books, it was history's call,
 Bigger dreams, thinking we've grown enough,
 Past the darkness, we're dreaming tall.

 Now we wake to a new day,
 Only to see the other day,
 Man exchanged for worthless hay,
 Terrorism in a scarier way.

 We're setting goals and missions,
 When we've not gone past our divisions,
 We're having big dreams and giant visions,
 While our world moves towards damnation.

 Money and worldly goods make us fawn,
 We're man, God's certified clown,
 We dream of a new dawn,
 We watch humanity drown.

 What's the tomorrow we hope for?
 Is it one we can be proud of?
 Or one we can't stick our hands for?
 Why are fellow men been sold off?

 Perhaps, one day all these will stop,
 Slavery in it's different shades and forms,
 We're placed at life's very top,
 But are no different to things at the bottom.

 I speak out against stealing and bribery,
 As much as I speak out against slavery,
 The continual existence of an evil,
 Is land for the establishment of another.


© Khalifa (November, 2017)

FB - Ridwan Oyinlola Luqman

IG - @Khalifaoyin

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Photo credit: World Future Fund