Tales of Two Women

Tales of Two Women

In Nigeria, and most parts of Africa, child bearing is seen as what makes a woman. No matter her academic and financial successes a woman is not properly valued until she gives to her husband and family a child, preferably a son. In most cases, these women are humiliated as if children are out there and by their own selfishness they have refused to bring them forth.

On the other hand are the unmarried and under aged girls whose misadventures most often than not result in unplanned pregnancies, stigmatisation, and, in most cases the eventual murder of innocent lives. This is the thrust of this book which also looks at the issue of baby adoption as a way forward.

Tales of Two Women written by Saka Dbosz Junior is set in Nigeria and South Africa. It gives an account of the lives of two women at cross roads: one desperate for a child, and the other in search of shelter. An avoided road accident turned out to be a blessing and then a source of worry for one, and a blessing and source of income to fund an unwholesome life for the other.

For all age brackets, including parents and social workers, some of the issues revealed in this book are that:

  • there is need for caution even in despair,
  • some young people are enemies of themselves,
  • the lazy and spoilt always return to their source of easy money,
  • murder is easy in times of desperation,
  • freedom must be accompanied with a high dose of discipline and responsibility, and
  • the past can always return. 

If you are a strong advocate of the sanctity of human life and have a desire to champion the cause of adoption then Tales of Two Women by Saka Dbosz Junior is for you. 


Get a copy for yourself and all on the verge of making critical decisions in this regard. Visit http://tinyurl.com/Tales-of-2-Women or call 0805 195 3276 to order for copies (N500 only)