The Battle of Adrica

The Battle of Adrica

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"Somehow, we can’t control it. We can only put them on paper." - KC

The Berzuline conference did not go as planned. Tempers are high, fresh wounds come to mind. The treasure lay awaiting exploitation.

It was clear a battle would occur. What became THE BATTLE OF ADRICA.

Who will take the lands and all therein...let’s find out.

Colonel Armstrong
Major Kira
General Xandra
Or Captain Frederick.

Take your troop and secure the locations. Do not leave any hostage. The minerals are yours to take!

Match on Soldier!!!!





NIBCARD (Publisher): 

KC (Designer): Ogbuagu KC


Designer: Kenechukwu Ogbuagu (KC)

Published and manufatured by: NIBCARD Nig Ltd