The lion and the ranger (Lessons from the bush.)

The lion and the ranger (Lessons from the bush.)

I once watched a wildlife program which reminded me of some very important leadership and entrepreneurial (life) lessons. In this new series, I am going to talk about a few of them.

Let's get started: A lion started killing cattle in a village near a game park. The people became scared and angry, and demanded that the lion be found and killed. Others went as far as to say all lions should be hunted down and destroyed.

The government sent in a team of rangers armed and ready to hunt down the rogue lion. An astute ranger asked to examine the carcass of a dead cow that had been half-eaten by the lion. He explained to the villagers that studying the carcass would help him understand whether it was one or more lions involved.

Upon examination he concluded that it was only one lion, but he really wanted to understand why it had changed its diet to cattle. Examining the way it ate the meat, the ranger concluded that the lion had an infection in its mouth caused by a bad tooth!

When they found the lion, they tranquilized it and a vet attended to its bad tooth! Within days the lion returned to its natural prey in the wild, and was never seen again in the village.

I was fascinated by the whole program, but as I thought about it later I realized that the entire saga had some truly profound leadership and entrepreneurial lessons.

As an exercise, I would like to invite those of you who lead or aspire to be leaders to give me your observations. Let's have one liners (don't meander or waffle):

# My leadership lesson is...

Take your time and write as often as you can (over several days). Also discuss it with your friends. I will "like" some, but no prizes... it's too important!

To be continued. . .