The people’s story

The people’s story

So, there was this day that I misplaced my wallet at the Airport. I got so worked up, especially knowing I had one vital ID card in there. A while later, I got a call from a relative who said someone at Murtala Mohammed Airport was asking for me.

At first I thought to myself, “thank God it's been found”. I was overjoyed; even if I don't recover the cash inside the wallet, at least other things would be intact. Then I spoke to this person, and he promised to meet me the next morning. As agreed, he handed my wallet to me the next morning and to my surprise, my cash was very intact as well as every other thing.

I was elated, so I decided to give him some gifts in appreciation. He politely refused to accept my gifts, saying “it's against his policy to receive anything from persons whose property was recovered”.

This shook me down to the bones. Yes, I've always believed that – good citizens, great people – exist in Nigeria but this single act had solidified my convictions.

Nigeria is my beloved nation, and I celebrate the great people of our nation.


Source: Oluwatobi Ojediran