The twirled theory of life (A honed view)

The twirled theory of life (A honed view)

Every day, no matter how much you think you've known, life has a way of making you look like a novice even at those basic things you feel you've mastered. Through your journey, you get experiences – bitter and sweet – from friends and foes alike. These kind of give you the strong conviction that you're good enough to face the challenges ahead. However, when those challenges eventually come, they leave you stunned like a toddler without the slightest idea of how to relate with things in your environment.

Everything you had learnt and knew becomes useless when life finally unveil the next phase. One day, you'll be 43 and when you look back upon your life at 20, you will not be proud. You will want to go back and fix things; some silly actions and decision. Even when you become 75 and looked back to your life at 43, you would still see plenty of mistakes. So many of them, where you’d thought yourself knowledgeable enough not to make any.

Life is like a game where you get stronger but every level comes in much harder. It is part the reasons why singles, who feels ready and prepared for marriage, gets married, and wanted out within a short time. They wanted to run from it because they cannot handle the complications. But wait! Didn't they say they were ready?

This is also one of the reasons why everyone loves to love, and be loved; of course “love” is a beautiful feeling. Though, when the pain and bitterness that trails its end creep in, they often supersede the sweet feeling at the start. It is yet a reason why parents sincerely wish their children to be much better than them, because they somehow felt unfulfilled. They wanted their mistakes to be avoided and always envisaged much greater achievements for their children. We too will eventually want our kids to be better than us, for that same reason.

All of these and many more are reasons why you shouldn't stress too hard to understand life. They are clear signs why you shouldn’t struggle too hard to be perfect; there is no such thing as “a perfect life”. These are also indications that you should welcome your flaws and take responsibility for all the necessities in your life.

If you should at any point have regrets, it shouldn't be about things that were clearly beyond your controls. Mistakes as you know are part of the default settings of life. We just need to live in the moment and make our lives a monument of happiness.



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